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At North Staffs Mind we focus on early intervention, and our offer for local businesses raises awareness of mental wellbeing and enhances individual and organisational resilience – ultimately aimed at reducing absenteeism, improving productivity and supporting staff retention.

We provide 1:1 employee counselling support, proactive wellbeing initiatives, supervision and incident debriefs as well as a growing range of training packages.

With over 20 years’ experience of providing mental wellbeing support to businesses including those with highly specialised needs including Blue Light organisations our services have high levels of client satisfaction. 

Workplace Wellbeing – the business case

 Every year it costs UK businesses £1,300
for every employee whose
mental health needs are unsupported


The average return on investment is £5.30 for every £1 invested in a mental health intervention

Deloitte 2022


Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2023 – CIPD/Simply Health

Highest sickness absence in a decade
Average 7.8 days per person

Mental health is the top cause of long term absence

Lack of manager skills and confidence was a key challenge identified

A healthy workplace helps your staff and business to flourish. Supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing simply means encouraging a positive working environment and reducing workplace stress. Putting a wellbeing programme in place helps employees feel appreciated at work and encourages them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. It can reduce any work-related stress and promote a positive working environment for everyone.

There is no set definition for a workplace wellbeing programme – to be effective, it needs to be unique to your business.  Call us today to discuss how we could work with your organisation on 01782 262100.

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