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Supervision and Support

To ensure the wellbeing of staff, North Staffs Mind offer a Supervision service to professionals to support individual development in order to maximize their potential. Supervision can help create a more supportive, caring and positive working environment, as it provides a space for regular communication, problem solving and increased teamwork.

How can a supervisor increase performance?

Maintain quality of care and support

Supervision offers a formal process to outline expected standards and to set personal objectives. This helps to ensure that staff perform to their maximum potential. You can also use supervisions to reflect on practice and performance to ensure that standards are maintained, or to put actions in place to improve it where required.

Ensure that staff feel supported

Supervision offers a vital channel of communication between management and staff. This can be used to share useful information with each other and discuss any challenges or issues. This ensures that staff feel confident in their role and can access the support that they need to manage difficult situations.

Support ongoing learning and development

Supervision gives managers and staff the opportunity to discuss any skills gaps and development needs and to put action plans in place to address them. This ensures that staff have the skills and knowledge to be competent and confident within their role.

Celebrate achievements

Supervision offers staff the chance to reflect on an individual’s achievements, and for managers to provide praise. This can really motivate staff and make them feel valued (which, in turn, can improve staff retention and reduce turnover).

Support problem solving

Supervision gives managers and staff the opportunity to talk about any issues and/or problems, and to identify ways to resolve them. Our specially trained supervisors will either attend a client’s premises to conduct the supervision, or they can choose to attend ours.

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