When a business partners with North Staffs Mind, it brings many benefits for both parties. For us, it can provide much needed funds and or gifts in kind. But for your business it can provide a great deal more.

Giving back to your immediate community has multiple benefits for businesses, particularly if you operate on a local level. For one, your clients will notice the effort you are putting into improving their community, consequently raising the reputation of your business. Two, by supporting local causes that your employees care about, you are more likely to get greater engagement from your workforce when it comes to raising funds or volunteering.

All of this adds up to a workforce who feel proud to be part of a team that is making a real difference to causes they care about. This fosters a respect for your business and contributes to a positive office culture which not only improves staff retention but also makes it easier to attract new employees.

By forming a partnership with a charity such as North Staffs Mind, your business not only demonstrates its corporate social responsibility to your clients, but you also increase your business’s awareness of a certain issues and can use that as the basis of a training program or initiative that offers tangible benefits for your staff.

To find out more about how your business can benefit whilst supporting your local community, please contact stevechannon@nsmind.org.uk for a no obligation chat.