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In Memory of Lincoln Sean Turner MSc

We are creating this memory space for Lincoln, who is a very much loved son, brother, uncle and friend. We were all devastated by the news of his death on 5th September 2017. He was a big-hearted man who had many good friends. He had a great sense of humour and loved music, film, reading and of course his dogs Wallace and Gromit. He had rescued cats and dogs many times and had a great fondness for wolves. Luckily he never found one, as no doubt he would have taken that home too.

As he was living in the USA we had no idea he was so ill. We have learnt since that people with severe depression often keep silent about it especially young men. This just breaks our hearts because if we had known we would have been on the next plane out there. His father, sisters and I would of flown to his side to show how much we loved him and wanted to be there for him. We might not of been able to help but we would have loved the chance to try. His loss has left a huge void in our lives. We know everyone feels the same as we do after losing a loved one in this way. So we rang North Staffs Mind and asked if we could help in a small way to raise funds to help raise awareness of this hidden illness.

Favourite Memory :- When the whole family flew to Phoenix to surprise him for his 40th birthday! An amazing 2 weeks we treasure.


The memory of Lincoln Sean Turner MSc has raised £100 for North Staffs Mind

Make a Donation in their Memory