Move for Mind

When: 1st Dec 2021 start of day - 2nd Mar end of day

This winter get going, raise money and join the fight for mental health. It's time to Move for Mind!
Registrations have now closed for this event, but if you've already signed up you still have time to do your 30-day challenge. What does this look like? That's up to you.

You can dance, swim, walk, skip – so long as you're moving and having fun, it counts. You choose how you want to get active to raise money, and help us fight to ensure everyone gets the respect and support they deserve.

Why should I get involved?
Want to start a new healthy habit, but not sure how to make it stick? How about knowing that whilst you're doing it, you're joining the fight to campaign for better, more equal mental health services for all.

Access to mental health support is still too often determined by where we live or who we are. At North Staffs Mind, we are dedicated to ending this injustice, and making sure anyone who is experiencing a mental health problem in North Staffordshire gets the support they deserve. But we need your help. Together, we can build a society that fights for the mental health of every last one of us. But to get there, we need your support.

How do I take part?
The best part is you can do anything you like to take part in Move for Mind. Have a dance round your living room every day, a jog round the park before work or walk around your local beauty spots each weekend. You can even team up and take it on with your friends, too.

Just choose your challenge, raise money and help us fight for mental health across North Staffordshire. We'll even send a t-shirt your way when you hit that first £50, and a medal when you raise £150 (though please note these need to be raised by 2nd March to qualify).

When is it happening?
Sign up anytime from December 1st to January 31st, and start your challenge by the 1st February 2022.

Your 30 days don't have to be one after another - take your time and have fun. Exercise is personal, so pace it out in a way that works, but make sure you're finished by the 2nd of March 2022.

Any questions? Head to our FAQ page here.

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