Skydive for North Staffs Mind

P1020852Back in March 2015 North Staffs Mind was contacted by a group of people who were planning on jumping out of a plane to raise money for us. Obviously skydiving is not a cheap thing to do, so they also decided they would like to run a series of other fundraisers to maximise the money they could donate to North Staffs Mind.

We realised quite quickly how enthusiastic they were by the variety of different ways they found to raise money. As it is something they had not done before we were more than happy to help support them with ideas and materials to run the various events they had in mind.

11223534_10155932561385416_2248161143490429645_nThey set themselves an initial target of £1,000 and were unsure that they would even reach it… They could not have been more wrong and exceeded it by raising an amazing total of £1,822.22!

All of us at North Staffs Mind would like to thank all those involved in helping raise such an amazing amount. We would particularly like to acknowledge the dedication of both Jenna and Libby for their hard work and for giving up many hours of their own free time over the past 5 months.

Go outdoors stall 6-6-15The group has chosen for the money they raised to be allocated to our MindZone service to help support children and young people in the local area.

Below are a few words from Jenna and Libby explaining why they decided to raise funds for North Staffs Mind and a video of the skydive itself!

Jenna B

When I was in a dark place, North Staffs Mind gave me the guidance and support I needed. Thanks to North Staffs Mind, I’ve not just learnt to accept myself; I’ve learnt how to look at the bigger picture, how to challenge my thoughts, how to calm myself.  Thanks to North Staffs Mind, I am happy in myself and I have a much more positive outlook on life.

I wanted to say thank you in a big way – so what better way to say it than t11896209_10152889945585059_3315525754729371068_no do something crazy and jump out of a perfectly good plane! From the word go, Libby has been on board, and with what started out from a small idea 6 months ago has grown into an amazing journey together from start to finish, with Nick and Becky joining us on the jump.

Together with help and support from friends, family, colleagues and the staff at North Staffs Mind, we’ve put together leaflets, ran stalls at local fairs, cake stalls at work, held a Cream Tea event and a fantastic Fundraising Dinner at the Blue Tiffin Restaurant. We’ve worked with a range of businesses to put together the advertising, bring together the food and drink and a stunning range of raffle prizes for the events. Our final total raised is £1,822.22, smashing our target of £1,000! I think I speak for all of us to say that it’s been such a fun and rewarding experience, and I’ve found a greater sense of confidence in myself. And would I jump out of a plane again? Yes!IMG_9070

Thank you North Staffs Mind… Jenna 🙂

Libby W

Mental health is a subject close to home and I wanted to do something to give back to local services that have helped both myself, my family and my friends so much. So when a fundraising skydive was suggested over coffee, We jumped (quite literally!) at the chance. I was really happy to be fundraising for North Staffs Mind in particular because I know what a truly fantastic job they do.

Throughout our fundraising venture, I’ve been really quite humbled by the support I’ve had from everyone.

Id really like to thank all the local businesses for their raffle donations, and everyone at Royal Stoke University Hospital who donated and bought cakes at the hospital cake sale. Id also like to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their generous donations, words of support and for their attendance at any of the events we’ve held to fundraise. I’ve really enjoyed it all thoroughly and Jenna was great to work with throughout. We worked well together, brainstorming ideas and arranging the finer details of the events to bring everyone together.

I knew that Becky IMG_9035and Nick had always wanted to do a skydive too and that they’d
strongly support our fundraising and they did a fantastic job too. Everyone’s done everything they can to help us reach the target and beyond and I think that is wonderful! It just shows what we can achieve as a team when we all group together.

The skydive itself was an awesome experience and we’ve all well and truly got the ‘bug’ now and I’m sure we’ll be thinking about another one soon!