JCB Mud Run 2016

IMG-20160617-WA0001On Sat 18th June, the Mindzone team braved the JCB Mud Run for the second year in a row to raise funds for Mindzone and it was muddier than ever.

This was an important feat for all involved as we came away feeling incredibly accomplished, not only completing the Run as a team of 16, but also raising a total of £1912 for Mindzone – and funds are still coming in!!

This is huge news for us and as team we are so grateful for how successful the fundraising has been, and what a great time we had at the Mud Run!

This year we had 6 Young Ambassador’s participating – they all worked hard and raised a lot of money, spent the last few months talking about mental health and emotional well-being in their schools/colleges/work places, challenging stigma, and raising funds. Along with the Young Ambassador’s, we had a fabulous turn out from our Younger Mind staff who also devoted time, effort, and energy into fundraising for Mindzone (and of course also spent their Saturday morning diving into mud pits!!)

At Mindzone, we will be using the funds to continue doing the work we do, and hope to reach more and more young people on a weekly basis, providing them with the support they need.

If you would like to donate, please visit our Just Giving page

Thank you for your kindness, and enjoy the evidence below!!


IMG-20160618-WA0041 IMG-20160618-WA0032




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