My Experience of North Staffs Mind

We are always receiving feedback from people who have accessed North Staffs Mind’s Services. We monitor any feedback we receive very closely to ensure that our services maintain the highest standards we can achieve, and people have a great experience of our services.

If you would like to send us your own comments of your experience of North Staffs Mind then please contact us.

Below are examples of some of the feedback/experiences we have received.

“This morning I left a message to cancel my Daughter’s appointment as she was taken poorly last night and taken to Hospital. I have had the most lovely, caring message from her counsellor. I just wanted to say what a lovely, kind gesture that was, from such a lovely lad – thank you so much. Her counsellor always greets us with a huge and genuine smile each week. My daughter came home in the early hours and we shall be coming to our next appointment next.
I personally saw one of your Counsellors in the summer from North Staffs Mind and was very happy with the counselling sessions I received.
From the minute you walk into Hanley office, until the minute you leave, you are always greeted by such a lovely welcome.
Thank you for providing myself and my Daughter with such wonderful support, during a very difficult year for us both.”

“I am fifteen years old. When I was just 12, I was severely bullied every single day made to feel worthless and useless; and because the bully was popular I had the whole world against me – at least so I felt. I had no friends, rumours were made up about me, and then I lost a friend I spoke to regularly about my problems to Cancer, a long with my great grandma. This affected me more than I thought, and something else that was on my mind a lot was the divorce of my parents and how I had a conscience in the back of my mind that it was my fault. I was in a bad place. Every day I would come home in tears; I started to skip school and I became depressed. I lost my only friends because I pushed them away, I didn’t go to lessons and I started to self harm. It eventually got to the point where I wanted to end my life.

Eventually things gradually started to get better, purely because of the school counsellor/behaviour teacher who I had regular appointments with and she really helped me, I spent most of my days with her and she gave me her full support.

I began however, to start suffering from extremely awful headaches, day after day – and this is due to a cyst I have in my brain which we found out at the hospital, however at this point in time my headaches were much more worse than they should’ve been because of how traumatised I was from the past but without knowing myself.

I then got referred to 10 weeks of counselling – with Younger Mind in Newcastle! And I can honestly say it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I didn’t actually tell them the full extent of my past, but I did still feel very emotional as my life still wasn’t the best, although not as bad as it used to be; therefore focused on the present rather than the past. Although my counsellor didn’t know the severity of what I once went through, he could clearly see I was in some sort of emotional pain; and he was the most humble, caring and kindest person I could ever talk to, I used to spend my week days looking forward to my weekly session with him, because he was the only person I could really talk to, especially now by this time I was at a new school (high school). My Counsellor was amazing and I wish I could’ve got the chance to actually thank him properly, because he did make me so much happier just for being that person I can let my worries out to rather than keeping them held in which is what I was always best at doing, whereas now, thanks to him, I am no longer the anxious, “what if” person I used to be. I now have a good group of friends, a boyfriend who is always there for me (the one I used to talk to my Counsellor about me liking!) and I try to stay as positive as possible. Im doing great at school and I really can never forget what Younger Mind have done for me because although at the time I may not have realised it, it was the best help and advice I ever received – those sessions were so comfortable and made me into the confident person I am today. If there’s anyway of showing my Counsellor this message or even just passing on my thanks, please do! Thank you so much.”